Alivia’s Christening

An amazing mummy Mona called to know if I could cover her youngest daughter Alivia’s christening ceremony. I had that day free in my diary, so I agreed to take it on. This was my first Christening Photography assignment, so was a bit nervous (due to a different cultural background I had never got the chance to attend one). Started my research on what happens on such occasions so that I can prepare for some shots. The day came and I went to the venue for photographing this christening. Mona had previously told me that I won’t be allowed to photograph during the ceremony but once its over the Priest will be posing for my camera.

I was waiting outside the church as everyone was getting out after the service was finished and this lovely lady with bright smile in a pale pink dress came to greet me introducing herself as Mona. She took me inside the church and introduced me with her warm family and little miss Alivia who was so peacefully asleep in her creame christening gown.. “awwww she is soooo cute… I love the curls in her hair”…that was my first awestruck reaction..

I started clicking..

Upon receiving the photos happy mummy Mona not only texted me how much she loved the photos but also left me a lovely review

Some ClickinGood Moments from the day…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are planning one for your little one… I would love to hear from you…

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