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The journey of becoming a mother is a pure bliss. I am sure you’ve heard this thousands of times but let me tell you once again, ‘you will be missing that bump once the bubs arrive’. So, why not preserve the beauty and glow of this wonderful time? I currently offer the following sessions for the mums and dads to be.

Mini Maternity Session

This is mostly a 30-45 minutes fun session arranged at an agreed location. It can either be a mum only session or a family session. During this session I shall capture your love and wait for the bump and the little bubs. Click for Gallery

Maternity Lifestyle Session

This relaxed session is arranged in your beautiful home and lasts around 2 hours. In this session I shall capture your daily life and the bump. It will be all about documenting and telling the story of your lifestyle during the pregnancy, how you have arranged and re-arranged everything in your lives.

Glam Maternity Session

This pampered session brings the glamorous side of the pregnancy. It is all about celebrating the beauty and glam pregnancy brings along. I shall book you a Hair and Make-up Artist (MUA), who will make you feel like a celebrity. Once you have arrived in my ClickinGood home studio we shall decide on the costume and style of the shoot depending on that the MUA will get you ready for the shoot. I shall incorporate both indoor and outdoor shoot within this 3 hour session. I always suggest to include the daddy-to-be and older kids (if you have any) in the session as well. Click for Gallery

Mind the Bump Package

This package includes 4 sessions in my Studio or at one of the agreed location. This is to document different stages of your pregnancy. Each session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. First session is arranged when you are between 12-15 weeks when you look a little pregnant. Second session will be arranged around  22-27 weeks of your pregnancy, when that little bump has grown a little bit. The third session will be arranged between 32- 38 weeks of your pregnancy with that BIG bump about to pop. Once you have popped the Fourth and final session is arranged with the little bub.

For more information on these sessions, packages and price please contact me

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