Newborn Sessions

Your little one is this tiny only for a very short time. Those curled up postures, flaking skin, sleeping in ‘catching the fly’ pose, or smiling dreaming big dreams, those tiny toes, milk spots on the nose are so so special. As they grow up, and you get to see newborns around, you most definitely think ‘ah.. I wish I could hold my baby’s newborn moments’. You can’t hold them back from growing up, but you can surely hold the moments through photos and relive those ‘awww, my baby’ memories by flicking through the photos with a cuppa on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

At ClickinGood, I aim to capture those very first moments of your baby’s life. Different parent like different set-ups and styles, based on the most preferred ones, I currently offer the following sessions:

Welcome to the World: This is a birth photography session. If you wish to hold the memories of the moments of bringing a new life to this world and the surreal moments of your baby being born this session is appropriate for you. For more information please don’t hesitate contacting me.

Newborn Lifestyle Session: This session is organised at the comfort of your home to capture the very early candid moments between you and your precious bundle of joy. If you are interested to discuss this session or wish to book I would love to hear from you.

Born to Pose: This newborn photography session is organised in my home studio based in Bexleyheath,Kent. This 2-4 hours long session is to create those ‘awww sooo cute’ posed photos to document your little one’s birth curls. Please note this is a Newborn Only Session, although parents will need be around but will not be included in the photos. If you are pregnant and wish to book a session please book your session after your 21 weeks’ scan so that you don’t miss out on an appointment. For more information please don’t hesitate contacting me.

Welcome to the Family: This is a similar session to the ‘Born to Pose’ session but includes photographs with Mummy, Daddy and Siblings as well. For more information please don’t hesitate contacting me.

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